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Real Estate
Saving Owner's Time with Full Service Development and Construction.
A new building, renovation of an existing facility or relocation activities represent more time than it's possible for most business owners to personally oversee. That is where Casilio Companies excel, with a full-service real estate development company with expertise in land development and construction management. Among the benefits of utilizing the company are comprehensive bid analysis, advance budgeting, accurate scheduling, planning/design services, municipal procedures, and return on construction savings.

From Financing to Development, from Design to Construction, The Experience and Staffing You Need to Achieve your Goals.
The Casilio Companies; Casilio Real Estate and Development Company, Inc. and P.A.T. Construction Management Corp. are composed of professional estimators, project managers, field supervisors, engineers, real estate developers, real estate brokers, property managers and financiers. Our role is to work as your trusted team member, joining efforts with architects, engineers and subcontractors, to ensure that custom projects are completed with superior quality, on time and within budget.

Finding Your Corporate Home.
As licensed real estate brokers, we assist in sales, site searches, evaluations and development costs; property management, relocation services and leasing of both new and existing facilities.

Government and Environmental Problems Solved.
Environmental issues are addressed and resolved with community and government representatives. We know what to look for before commencing development, and will make recommendations to bring in environmental, wetland, archeological and geotechnical testing firms, if necessary. Opportunities for prudent use of resources and energy-saving measures are identified by us preceding major decisions and on an ongoing basis.

Going One Step Further, For Your Benefit.
Casilio offers build-to-suit feasibility studies, operating expense projections and options including build-to-suit lease, build-to-suit-lease with purchase option, or sale at project completion.

We work with the Owner in establishing the project program and in establishing required dates during all phases of the program.

Real Estate And Development Advantages
Acquisition and Development Services

  • Advise on land contract
  • Rezoning and variances
  • Survey and legal description
  • Financing options
  • Utility and economic development incentive programs
  • Operating expense projections
  • Development company with strong construction experience and background
  • Custom fitting your project to the firm
  • Developer handles all processing including permitting, planning, layouts and construction
  • Personal service with flexibility
  • Pre-Planning